CPAP Isn’t the Only Way

If you’re diagnosed or know someone with sleep apnea, it’s probable that you are familiar with CPAP machines. These machines are the customary treatment for people with sleep apnea. However, many patients aren’t thrilled to sleep with a mask over their nose and mouth. In fact, many patients refuse to use their CPAP machine due to discomfort and noise. Depending on the type and severity of sleep apnea, we may be able to offer you a better solution.

Oral Airway Appliances

Depending on the cause of your sleep apnea, it’s likely that a custom oral appliance can provide you with effective airflow. We’ve helped to treat sleep apnea in several patients by gently opening the airway with this discreet solution. Patients report loving the convenience and feeling more secure knowing the appliance is not dependent upon electricity for functionality.

Lifestyle Changes

We always recommend that those suffering with sleep apnea consider the following lifestyle changes that may possibly be contributing to the severity of the condition.

If you’re overweight, consider losing weight as a part of your sleep apnea treatment plan.

  • Consider eliminating or decreasing alcohol intake, which can worsen the condition.
  • Consider quitting smoking. Cigarettes can cause swelling in the upper airway, worsening sleep apnea.


Depending on the severity of your obstructive sleep apnea, you may benefit from surgery. During surgery, surgical teams may remove the tonsils, adenoids and uvula to allow for better airflow.

If you’ve suffered from sleep apnea or know someone who has, please do not hesitate to contact our office to learn more about your options in care.