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You may have noticed that you can’t seem to stay alert lately at work; your spouse or partner may have said that you’re snoring more; or maybe no matter how much sleep you get, you just never seem fully rested.

If this is the case, try taking our online sleep apnea quiz. It’s possible that you have obstructive sleep apnea, which can lead to a range of problems—ranging from fatigue and sleep apnea headaches to heart attacks or car accidents.

If you want to take control of this issue, you can come to Sleep Better Illinois! Sleep apnea dentist Dr. Stirneman has studied sleep dentistry for years to relieve this problem. He is passionate about helping our friends and neighbors in the Chicago area to sleep better and improve their health.

Besides being an accredited member of the American Dental Association and several sleep organizations, he participates in continuing education each year to bring you start-of-the-art sleep apnea and snoring solutions.

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What Happens in a FREE Consultation?

You need to know your diagnosis and recommended sleep apnea solutions before you can decide to pay for treatment. This can be an important decision. That’s why we offer a FREE sleep apnea consultation at our dental sleep clinic. We care enough about your health to meet with you at no cost before you move forward.

Experienced sleep coordinators and Dr. Stirneman will personally discuss your symptoms with you. Tell them all your concerns. They will look over your medical and/or sleep history, along with performing a quick evaluation of your airway. They’ll look for sleep apnea risk factors, trying to keep you as safe as possible.

Then they will determine if a sleep study is necessary, along with discussing sleep apnea treatment options. If your sleep apnea doctor recommends that you get screened for sleep apnea and you agree, we can move to the next steps.

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Should You Be Screened for Sleep Apnea?

Maybe you’re just a snorer, and that’s okay. But if you want to be sure whether or not you have severe sleep apnea or any other sleeping problems, we can help you take a sleep apnea test at home.

A monitoring device, which is approved by the FDA and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, will measure your breathing, heart activity, and more during the night. Is it difficult to use? No—it’s actually quite simple. Dr. Stirneman’s team of sleep coordinators will show you exactly how to put it on and start it so that it will be easy for you to repeat when you get home.

When you’re in the dental sleep clinic, ask any and all questions you have. The dentist is happy to answer and is expecting it. It’s better to ask your questions while you’re in our office, so you can do the test at home correctly.

After you’re finished with the device, bring it back to the dental sleep clinic and a board-certified sleep doctor will read the results and give a diagnosis. This way, you don’t have to visit a different lab or office to get your diagnosis.

Starting Sleep Therapy

After Dr. Stirneman discusses your sleep apnea test results with the sleep doctor, we will make an appointment with you to visit our dental sleep office again. They will discuss your results and give you your diagnosis, answer your questions, and discuss your treatment options.

If you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), dental solutions can be outstanding for improving your sleep and relieving the painful and dangerous sleep apnea symptoms.

Why is that? Many patients who suffer from OSA start to breathe better at night by using a customized sleep apnea mouthpiece. Dentists are the ideal providers to take dental impressions, order sleep apnea devices from those impressions, fit them on the teeth, and help patients use them correctly.

Plus, at Sleep Better Illinois, we take digital impressions of your teeth—so there is no need for sticky impression material.

The right sleep apnea mouth guard can keep your tongue and soft palate from blocking your airway. And it can work for you immediately. These oral appliances are perfect for those looking for sleep apnea cures without a CPAP or want to use a lower setting on their CPAP.

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Don’t be embarrassed by snoring or sleep apnea. It can happen if you’re young or old, fit or not. It may even happen for genetic reasons. So, discuss it with a dental sleep specialist. The sooner you find out more, the sooner you get restful sleep again.

Imagine not snoring anymore or scaring your partner by waking up gasping for air. Imagine getting great sleep again. It’s all possible. Call Sleep Better Illinois to get an appointment for a no-cost consultation.

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